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Evident Act

Our premise and process have been strictly audited to be Evident Act certified.


Logistic > Administration > Capture > Extract > Data Processing > Output


Archive in various file format, store it onto your dedicated servers or even deposit the files into an existing DMS.


With a non-disclosure agreement in place, we safeguard all highly confidential documents.

Work Site

The flexibility of choice to run process on-premise or off-site at a secured processing center.


We have processed high volumes of highly confidential documents from the government agencies and financial institutes.

Document Process Outsourcing

Document Process Outsourcing (DPO) helps transform businesses towards a paperless future by providing a full suite high-quality digitization services while you run your business with an ease of mind.

Being Evident Act certified, we offer on-site, and off-site digitization services that will help meet your company’s strict compliance policy.

Engage us today to survey your document process, and we will recommend various solutions on how you can quickly streamline your business which will result in substantial cost savings and increase productivity and efficiency.

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Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Capturing important information with Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

Easy Retrieval

You can retrieve documents with indexes which were put in place during the first processing.

Enhanced Security

Document Management System (DMS) gives you better control over sensitive documents, allowing user access rights to be put in place.

Reduce Storage Cost

Why pay for physical storage when it takes up a quarter or more of your business profit?

Easy Access

Start accessing your system On-Premise or access on-the-go with Cloud base system.

Automated Process

Stop manual approval process when a system can help you automate within seconds with the integration of workflow module.

Document Management System

Document Management System (DMS) is a platform that suits all businesses. With the increasingly high volume of papers every day, you need a system to help capture, process, store and automate with a secure method of retrieval.

We are here to work alongside with you to smoothen your operations process.

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Cost Savings

An increase in cost savings is significantly after adopting digitization.

Go Green

Go green not only benefit our environment but also to our businesses.


Cost of business is rising so as your storage for papers and documents

Improved Security

Integrated data within your organization is better controlled and secured.


With technology, electronic forms are accessible through on cloud, mobile devices or even the web.


Electronic Forms allows you to adapt the rapid change in design and structure with the minimum amount of time required.

Electronic Forms

Transform your business into a paperless future starting with Electronic Forms (e-Forms). Implementation of e-Forms can be very beneficial for your business in many ways especially with the use of mobile devices.

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Paper Reduction

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Increase in productivity

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Increase in efficiency

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