Document Management System

  • OCR

    Capturing important information with Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

  • Easy Retrieval

    You can retrieve documents with indexes which were put in place during the first processing.

  • Enhanced Security

    DMS gives you better control over sensitive documents, allowing user access rights to be put in place.

Document Management System (DMS) is a platform that suits all businesses. With the increasingly high volume of papers every day, you need a system to help capture, process, store and automate with a secure method of retrieval.

  • Reduce Storage Cost

    Why pay for physical storage when it takes up a quarter or more of your business profit?

  • Easy Access

    Start accessing your system On-Premise or access on-the-go with Cloud base system.

  • Automated Process

    Stop manual approval process when a system can help you automate within seconds with the integration of workflow module.

Document Process Outsourcing

  • Evident Act

    Our premise and process have been strictly audited to be Evident Act certified.

  • Process

    Logistics, Handle, Administrative, Process, Capture, Indexing & preference of output

  • Output

    Archive in various file format, store it onto your dedicated servers or even deposit the files into an existing DMS.

Document Process Outsourcing (DPO) helps transform businesses towards a paperless future by providing a full suite high-quality digitization services while you run your business with an ease of mind.

  • Security

    With a non-disclosure agreement in place, we safe guard all highly confidential documents.

  • Work Site

    The flexibility of choice to run process on-premise or off-site at a secured processing center.

  • Experiences

    We have processed high volumes of highly confidential documents from the government agencies and financial institutes.

Electronic Forms

  • Cost Savings

    An increase in cost savings is significantly after adopting digitization.

  • Go Green

    Go green not only benefit our environment but also to our businesses.

  • Storage

    Cost of business is rising so as your storage for papers and documents

Transform your business into a paperless future starting with Electronic Forms (e-Forms). Implementation of e-Forms can be very beneficial for your business in many ways especially with the use of mobile devices.

  • Improved Security

    Integrated data within your organization is better controlled and secured.

  • Technology

    With technology, e-forms can be built on cloud, mobile devices or even the web.

  • Templates

    e-Forms allow you to adapt the rapid change in design and structure


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