Graphic Designer (Intern)

Posted 3 years ago

About Graphic Designer

Graphic designers create visual concepts, by hand or using computer software, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, or captivate consumers. They develop the overall layout and production design for advertisements, brochures, magazines, and corporate reports.

The day-to-day

Typically, a graphic designer will:

  • Advise on strategies to reach a particular audience
  • Determine the message the design should portray
  • Create images that identify a product or convey a message
  • Develop graphics for product illustrations, logos, and websites
  • Select colors, images, text style, and layout
  • Present the design to clients or the art director
  • Incorporate changes recommended by the clients into the final design
  • Review designs for errors before printing or publishing them


Key skills

  • Technical skills: As a graphic designer, you will need a good knowledge of design software such as Quark Xpress, InDesign or Illustrator plus photo-editing software, such as PhotoShop.
  • Analytical skills: Graphic designers must be able to look at their work from the point of view of their consumers and examine how the designs they develop will be perceived by the consumer to ensure they convey the client’s desired message.
  • Artistic ability: Graphic designers must be able to create designs that are artistically interesting and appealing to clients and consumers. They produce rough illustrations of design ideas, either by hand sketching or by using a design software.
  • Communication skills: Graphic designers must communicate with clients, customers, and other designers to ensure that their designs accurately reflect the desired message and effectively express information.
  • Computer skills: Most graphic designers use specialized graphic design software to prepare their designs.
  • Creativity: Graphic designers must be able to think of new approaches to communicating ideas to the team They develop unique designs that convey a recognizable meaning.
  • Time-management skills: Graphic designers often work on multiple projects at the same time, each with a different deadline.


A degree in graphic design is advantageous although other art and design subjects will be accepted. Other education institutions. Postgraduate, diploma, relevant institutes or non-graduate training may apply.

Relevant experience

Two to three years’ experience in graphic design is preferred. No experience is required if you have an impressive portfolio of work. Interns and fresh graduates are welcome to apply.

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