Digital Content Specialist (Intern)

Posted 3 years ago

About Digital Content Specialist

Digital Content Specialist uploads contents for new and existing websites. Working closely with web designer and graphics designer to fulfill the requirements of our clients. Digital Content Specialist may also maintain or manage e-commerce websites.

The day-to-day

Typically, a digital content specialist will:

  • Copy/write contents
  • Upload images provided by graphic designer
  • Receive feedback from clients about draft sites and make necessary amendments
  • Create, add, edit, delete contents
  • Upload new products for the e-commerce websites
  • Choose colors and backgrounds for e-commerce product page and position buttons, icons, links and photos
  • Keep up to date with software and technology developments
  • Liaise with graphic designers and web designer
  • Ensure the ‘look’ of e-commerce websites adheres to company branding and client requirements
  • Edit and proofread text content and grammar
  • Ensure websites meet accessibility and privacy standards
  • Test new websites to ensure everything is working
  • Ensure websites function on a variety of devices


Key skills

  • Technical skills: As a digital content specialist, you will need good working knowledge of coding, scripting, and programming. These usually include HTML, CSS, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Skills in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) may also be needed.
  • Communication and listening skills: As a digital content specialist you will also have to interact with the team and understand what is required from the website you are tasked with building or managing.
  • Creative skills: Keeping abreast of new trends and technical developments may help.
  • Project management skills: Digital content specialist are usually very busy and have to juggle multiple projects each with their deadline.


A degree is preferred. IT, computer science or engineering graduates are best placed, but any subject is acceptable. Postgraduate, diploma, relevant institutes or non-graduate training may apply.

Relevant experience

No experience is required. Interns and fresh graduates are welcome to apply.

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